Specializing in weddings and engagements since 2011, Melvin started his wedding photography career in Los Angeles – California. Now, based in Houston – Texas, Melvin captures the heart and soul of photography and he offers stunning pictures that will leave you breathless. Melvin works not only with professionalism but with a friendly attitude that makes each photo session personalized. With over 300 weddings under his belt, his skills are sharpened so that no special moment is missed.

Added with the several award he has won, such as the WPPI Awards and the Fearless Photographers award, his talented adaptability to environment and movement allows him to take photos that will always have the customer coming away from the experience with heartfelt pictures that never let them down.

Melvin’s passion for photography began with the simple task of taking pictures for his family and friends. Once that camera was placed in his hands he began to take pictures that left no room for argument in regards to what his future career should be. As his creativity moulded itself into an aspiration for photography, he soon found himself working as an intern with several well known photography companies in Los Angeles. Each internship gave him knowledge and skill that shaped itself into an incredible ability for photography.

With a care for detail that others don’t often notice, a personalization to each shoot, and the ability to shoot great quality pictures without disrupting the event, Melvin’s creative passion for photography is outstanding and was able to take creative and awe-inspiring photographs which captured detailed moments that will never be forgotten. With moments that last forever in his beautiful pictures, he offers quality work at a fraction of other photographers. His love for photography really shows and will continue to in all the future work to come.