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Wedding Photography: Frequently Asked Questions You May Have Too!

Brides and grooms are new to the whole “wedding experience” and often have many questions when it comes to the photography portion of their decisions.  We get questions here at Covenant Pictures all the time.  To help all you brides and grooms out, I figured that I would post some of them in case you had similar questions.  This way, maybe it can help you learn more about us and also more about how to plan your day!

Question 1: I’m engaged and have no idea what to do for a wedding photographer.  I want to start planning, but where do I start?

Answer 1: Wedding photography can be a stressful part to plan since you want the best pictures possible.  But don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out our article that is found here.  It should help a lot when trying to find a photographer.  But to sum it up, make sure you know what you are wanting from your photographer.  Knowing the hours, products, and type of pictures can help when narrowing down the list.  Also keep your budget in mind.  Most photographers will work with you on price though so keep that in mind before you scratch off that photographer you love.  When you have collected a list of about 5 photographers that fit your needs, make sure you meet them in person before you decide.  You can base a lot off of their personalities to see if they mesh well with you and it can also give you a chance to see more of their portfolios.  Good luck!

Question 2: I’m interested in having you as our photographer.  How do you differ from other wedding photographers though? What makes you better than the rest? Why should I choose you?

Answer 2: I’m glad to hear that you are interested in our photography – I would love to be a part of your special day! To answer your questions though, I believe that I am different because of the passion and creativity I put into my work.  I work hard to capture every special moment.  Being an award winning photographer, I have done a lot of weddings and know what to look for.  I pride myself on being able to take pictures that are worth a thousand words.  By having emotional shots that tell a story in each picture, I make sure that all your memories are safe.  I like to stand above the rest by having a great eye for those perfect angles and being able to adapt to changes.  Your day is just as special for me as it is to you and I believe that it shows in my work.  But don’t just go based on what I’m saying – take a look for yourself and I’m sure you’ll see it too!

Question 3: I’m not sure what steps to take since I’m new to all of this.  How do I begin?

Answer 3: Don’t worry; you’re certainly not alone in feeling this way! Most of our clients are in your shoes.  I’m sure that not many people know how to start at first.  But let me put you at ease.  If you are interested in having us as your photographer, come give us a visit! You probably have already looked us up online so we would love to sit down with you and go over everything.  This will help us get to know what you’re looking for so we can plan to make your day the best it can possibly be.  During your visit we can also talk about costs and packages as well as even set up a date if you have your mind set.  We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.  You can also give us a call if that is how you would like to get started before we meet!

Question 4: My fiancé and I were looking through your portfolio and it really caught our attention.  How much do you usually charge?

Answer 4: Our prices usually depend on what products you are looking for and the time you need us for.  Our average wedding costs are about $4000 – $9,000, but we are able to work with you so that we can find a package and price that works for you.  Nothing is written in stone and we would be happy to find something that fits your needs and your wallet.

Question 5: We have some questions and ideas we’d like to go over before we set things in stone.  Is there a way to have a meeting with you before we make a final decision?

Answer 5: Definitely! We always want to make sure that our client’s needs are met and actually prefer to meet them before they make a final decision! This way we can be on the same page and make sure that you are happy with everything.  All you have to do is contact us and set up an appointment.  We would love to meet with you!

Question 6: What areas do you usually work out of?

Answer 6: Right now our company is working out of the Houston, TX area serving Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort-Worth and its surrounding areas.  We do also provide services worldwide so that you are able to have the pictures of your dreams! If you are outside of our area, just feel free to contact us so we can discuss how to make it happen!

Question 7: Do you take formal pictures?

Answer 7: Yes we do! With our photography, we love to have those formal pictures of the bride, groom, and their wedding party! Although we do most of our work in a photojournalistic style, we also make sure to make time for those special moments where formal pictures are a must.  This way we can get everyone together and have some great shots! Just let us know what formal shots you are looking for and we will make them happen!

Question 8: Do you have a 2nd photographer available for our wedding day?

Answer 8: Depending on the packages, we can have a 2nd shooter covering your wedding.  By having a 2nd shooter, we are able to have another set of eyes and more of your special moments can be captured.  It’s twice coverage which means more incredible pictures for you.

Question 9: We were thinking about having our engagement pictures done by you.  If we do, who chooses where they are taken?

Answer 9: For an engagement session, it is ultimately up to you where they are taken.  You can suggest somewhere, or we can recommend somewhere for you.  If we have worked in the area you want to go, we will give you our opinion based on our experiences if you want – but if your heart is set on it then we will make sure you have pictures at that special place! If you are stuck for ideas, you can also look online for locations in your areas.  If you still can’t find something, we would be more than happy to come up with some ideas for you.

Question 10: Do you edit and Photoshop all your images?

Answer 10: In short, yes we do.  We want your images to be the best as possible.  Whether we are enhancing color or exposure, we make sure that all your images will be delivered in the best form possible.  We are proud of our work and want you to be as well! We never will give you images that are less than satisfactory in quality!

Question 11: Will I have to pay extra for my pictures after the wedding?

Answer 11: No you won’t.  We work side by side with you to create the perfect package for you.  You will know the costs and products you will be getting before you even step up to the altar! This way you will be able to know everything ahead of time and won’t have to deal with any surprises.

Question 12: I came across a wedding picture that I really love.  Would you be able to duplicate that scene for me with my wedding?

Answer 12: We love seeing your ideas and working with you to achieve the pictures you want.  It is your wedding day and you should be able to get the pictures you love.  Feel free to print the image and bring it in for us to see ahead of time.  That way we have an idea of what you want.  We can’t say for certain that it will turn out the same, but we will try our utmost to make sure that it does!

Question 13: Do you do weddings outside of the Texas area? We were thinking about having a destination wedding and would love for you to be our photographer for it if possible.

Answer 13: We absolutely do! We offer our services worldwide so that you won’t miss out on having us as your photographer! If you are interested in having us shoot your wedding in a different location, just contact us and we can go over the details involved.

Question 14: If we were to meet you, where do we go?

Answer 15: We usually have all of our clients meet us in our area.  If you are interested in setting up a meeting, just let me know when is the best time for you to meet.

Question 15: Are your pictures shot in film, digital, or both?

Answer 15: To make it easier to share our images, we shoot in digital.  This way we can quickly upload, edit, and get the images out to you in a timely manner.

Question 16: We are trying to plan our wedding and could use some help.  Do you have other wedding vendors that you could suggest to us?

Answer 16: We would love to help you out! We have worked with different people in the past and can suggest a list of them to you on request.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction!    



How much management do you do when it comes time to organize people for photos?

We have a template for a family pictures list, which we encourage you to download and modify. Our approach is to provide you with the list, and then we ask that you put the names on every set and distribute it to your family members the week before the wedding day. This way, everyone knows that they need to stay after the ceremony for family pictures. With this approach, we find that family members respect our time and won’t go anywhere until their photos are taken.

In terms of management, we take a proactive approach and work closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We know that family photos can be hectic, and we want to ensure that we capture all the important moments that matter to you. We are always available to help organize people and direct them to the right spot for photos, but with the list and your help, we can make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Please download the Family Pictures List, here: https://bit.ly/40UKQyU

Will the edited video be in HD?

Yes. Both wedding highlights and documentary videos will be in High-definition (HD) quality (1280 resolution).

Do we work together to build a schedule or do I just hand it to you on the day of?

We can definitely work together to create a photographer’s timeline for your wedding day. This will ensure that we don’t miss out on any important moments that you want to be captured. Once we’ve finalized the timeline, you can give it to your wedding planner or coordinator so they can expand, modify or complete it as needed. During our consultation, I can give you suggestions on the best times to schedule certain events for optimal lighting and photo opportunities. However, if you prefer to work with your planner or coordinator to finalize the timeline, you can simply email it to me three days before the wedding day.

Are high-resolution copyright-released digital photo files included in the package?

Yes, high-resolution copyright-released digital photo files are included in our package. We believe in providing our clients with all the necessary digital files that they may need to print and share their photos as they wish. These files are delivered to our clients in a digital format, typically through an online gallery or via Hard Drive that the clients provided to us.

By providing copyright-released digital files, our clients have the freedom to print and share their images as they wish without any additional costs or restrictions. They can also use these files to create albums, canvas prints, or any other products they desire. We understand that wedding photography is an investment, and providing these digital files to our clients is a way for me to show our appreciation for their trust in us to capture their special day.

It’s important to note that while we do provide high-resolution digital files, we still encourage our clients to invest in professional printing services to ensure the best quality prints. We also provide high-quality printing services that our clients can use to get the best results.

Overall, including high-resolution copyright-released digital photo files in our package is our way of providing our clients with the best value for their investment in our services and giving them the flexibility to enjoy their photos for years to come.

Can you walk me through the scenarios that may occur if you’re unable to perform services? Who would be the replacement, and what happened to the money paid?

Certainly. In the event that one of our trained Lead Staff Photographers is unavailable, we will first attempt to find a replacement from our team. If none are available, we will provide you with a list of other studios that shoot in a similar style to us, from which you can select a preferred replacement. We will hire the replacement studio to shoot the wedding under our branding, ensuring the quality of the product and services remain consistent.

Regarding the money paid, if we are unable to provide our services, we will offer a full refund. However, if a replacement studio is hired, there will be no additional cost to you. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and ensuring that our clients’ special moments are captured beautifully. We take every precaution to ensure that we can deliver on our commitments, but in the unlikely event that we cannot, we will take all necessary steps to rectify the situation and ensure that you are satisfied.

Do you help me find spots for photos based on lighting, or am I to figure that out?

As professional photographers, part of our job is to scout the location on the day of the wedding and find the best spots for photos based on the lighting and overall aesthetic. We have a trained eye for this and can make recommendations based on our experience and expertise. We will take into consideration the time of day, weather conditions, and the specific lighting needs of each shot.

During the actual photo session, we will guide you to the selected spots and suggest poses and angles that will make the most out of the chosen location. However, we also welcome any input or ideas that you may have, as this is your special day and we want to ensure that your vision is captured in the photos.

It’s important to note that lighting conditions can change throughout the day, so we will continuously monitor and adjust as needed to ensure that the photos are of the highest quality. We are equipped with the necessary equipment to create optimal lighting conditions, and we will also work with the natural light available to capture the best possible shots.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a beautiful and memorable collection of photos that capture the essence of your wedding day. We understand that every couple is unique, and we strive to create a personalized experience that meets your specific needs and preferences. So, while we are happy to offer guidance and suggestions, we are also open to collaborating with you to create a photo session that reflects your style and personality.

Will you help manage the schedule on the wedding day?

Definitely. I understand the importance of sticking to a schedule on the wedding day. I will work with you and your wedding planner, if you have one, to create a timeline for the day. I will then make sure to keep track of time throughout the day and help keep everything on schedule, especially when it comes to taking photos. I will communicate with the necessary people, such as the bride, groom, and wedding party, to make sure they are aware of when and where they need to be for photos. My goal is to help make the day as stress-free as possible for you, and part of that is making sure everything runs smoothly according to the schedule.

Can we provide a list of photos that we want?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to provide a list of photos that you want to ensure that we capture all of the important moments and people that are special to you. We understand that every wedding is unique, and we want to make sure that we capture your day in a way that reflects your personality and style. By sending us your list of photos, we can make sure that we are on the same page and that we capture all of the moments that you want to remember for a lifetime.

In addition to your list of photos, we also welcome any inspirational photos, screenshots, and/or Pinterest board links that you may have. This will give us a better understanding of your preferences and style, and we can use these as a reference to ensure that we capture the photos that you want.

We recommend sending us your list and inspirational photos at least three days before the wedding day. During our phone consultation on the same day, we will go over the list with you and make sure that we have everything covered.

Can we provide a list of photos that we want?

Absolutely! We understand that every couple has their own vision for their wedding day and specific photos they want to be captured. If you have your own Shot-list, we will add it to our own list and do our best to capture everything on your wedding day.

It’s always a good idea to provide a list of photos that you want to ensure that we capture all of the important moments and people that are special to you. By sending us your list of photos, we can make sure that we are on the same page and that we capture all of the moments that you want to remember for a lifetime.

In addition to your list of photos, we also welcome any inspirational photos, screenshots, and/or Pinterest board links that you may have. This will give us a better understanding of your preferences and style, and we can use these as a reference to ensure that we capture the photos that you want.

We recommend sending us your list and inspirational photos at least three days before the wedding day. During our phone consultation on the same day, we will go over the list with you and make sure that we have everything covered.

We want to make sure that we capture all of the special moments and details that are important to you, so we take the Shot-list very seriously. By providing us with your own list and collaborating with us before the wedding day, we can work together to make sure that everything is captured to your satisfaction.

You can see our Shot-list here: Wedding Shot List: https://bit.ly/39jyaJA

Do you organize people and give directives? If so, when?

Yes, it is our responsibility to organize people and give directives during certain portions of the wedding day. Specifically, during the portrait sessions, we will provide guidance on how to stand, where to look, and how to pose in order to capture the best possible shots. This is especially important during family pictures, bridal party pictures, and bride and groom pictures, as these are typically more formal and require a bit more direction.

In addition to portrait sessions, we may also provide directives during the getting ready period. This is the time when the bride and groom are getting ready for their big day and we may need to ask them to stand in certain areas or perform certain actions in order to capture specific shots. However, we always strive to be unobtrusive and respect the privacy of the couple and their families.

It is important to note that we do not give directives during the ceremony or reception. During these moments, we understand the importance of staying out of the way and allowing the natural events of the day to unfold. We will be there to capture all of the important moments, but we do not want to interfere with the flow of the day or draw attention away from the couple.

Overall, our goal is to provide a positive and stress-free experience for our clients. We understand that weddings can be hectic, and we strive to provide clear and concise direction to help everything run smoothly.


Please tell me what is your wedding videography style and what is it all about.

Our Videography style for the Wedding Highlight Video is Cinematic. As its name implies, cinematic wedding videography styles mimic the angles, transitions, and filters of movies. Videographers who use this style, which is often combined with short form or storytelling, are less concerned with a linear timeline and more intent on capturing the overall themes and emotions of your wedding day. Some of the hallmarks of cinematic wedding videos are moving voiceovers, aerial shots of your wedding venue, and the use of slow motion.

Our final products for videography are Highlight (Cinematic) and Documentary Videos.

1. Highlights Video is a fully conceptualized cinematic short story set to perfectly matched music that highlights big moments as well as smaller details that reflect the nuances of your special day!

2. Documentary Video is the long-form version of your wedding video. It is usually between 45 and 60 minutes long and features moments from bridal prep, the groomsmen getting ready, the full ceremony, and all reception highlights, including full toasts, the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, grand exit, and anything else you have planned.

Will the footage be organized or organic in the 5-8 minute video?

The Highlights Wedding video we offer will be between 5 to 8 minutes long, depending on how busy your wedding day is. The more events we capture, the longer the video would be, but it will be between 5-8 songs or around 2 songs in duration. 80% of the footage will be candid moments captured as they happen, while the other 20% will be directed during the bride and groom portrait session or bridal party photo session. You can see the samples of our wedding highlights videos here: https://covenantpictures.com/video/

Can I request specific things to be filmed, such as including at least one tiny part of each person’s speech?

You absolutely get to request certain things to be filmed. If you want us to capture a special heirloom that your family gave you, or you want us to capture the bride’s first look with the bride’s father or any other request, we are happy to do so. Our suggestion is that for any special moment or event that you want to be in the video, please insert that event in the final coordinator’s timeline, so they will know that we need time to capture it, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

We include the bride’s and groom’s vows, the maid of honor’s toast, the best man’s toast, or anyone who will say something to the bride and groom in the wedding highlights video. Leave it to us, and you are in good hands!

Will there be any storytelling in the video, and will you be orchestrating it?

As for the storytelling part, we will capture the whole wedding day as it happens, and we will select the best footage and use our expertise to produce an amazing and high-quality wedding highlights video that you will love and treasure for a lifetime.


Meal for vendor. Will someone be shooting during that time? There will be a quartet playing during dinner and I’d like to capture photos of my fiance and I at the sweetheart table.

We will be able to take candid moment photos of the quartet playing and also capture photos of you and David at the sweetheart table. If you’d like, we can set up one camera on a tripod to shoot video of the quartet, and another camera on a tripod to capture you and David at the sweetheart table. We will be shooting during the time the quartet is playing, but we will take breaks to ensure that we have time to eat and recharge. It would be great to confirm with your wedding planner or caterer that we are included in the meal count and have a designated place to eat.

Exclusivity Clause: Is that only for the services paid for? If we decide to use someone else for Photo-booth is that a problem?

The exclusivity clause applies only to the services that you have booked us for, which is photography and videography. If you have decided to use another vendor for the photobooth, that is not a problem as the exclusivity clause only pertains to photography and videography services. The exclusivity clause ensures that we are the only ones providing photography and videography services at your wedding, and that no other company can be booked to provide those same services. This helps to ensure that we have complete control over the quality and style of the photography and videography, and that we are able to provide you with the best possible service.

Creative license: If we are not happy with the speeches, are we able to use a smaller snippet for the video or put music over footage instead?

Yes, you absolutely have creative license to make changes to the wedding highlights video. If you are not happy with the speeches, we can use a smaller snippet for the video or put music over footage instead, depending on your preference. Once we are done with the highlights video, we will send it to you as a DRAFT01. You can then review the video and make any changes you like until you are happy and satisfied with the final version of your wedding highlights video. We want you to be completely satisfied with the final product and are happy to work with you to make any necessary changes to achieve that.

Digital Files: Since files aren’t archived, what if Hard Drive is damaged or lost during the shipping process? Are we able to pick up Hard Drive instead of shipping?

Yes, you are able to pick up the hard drive containing the digital files from our location at the Houston area. Please note that while the raw files are included in the package, the hard drive is not. Therefore, we kindly request that you provide us with a hard drive the day of the wedding, the latest. If you are unable to provide us with a hard drive, we can provide you with one for $100 for a 2TB HDD.

Please note that since we do not print Album and Canvas in-house, if you still prefer to pick up them up as well, we will still need to have them shipped to our office and you will be responsible for any shipping fees associated with the products. If these items are included in your package, you will not need to pay for the actual album or canvas, but you will need to cover the shipping costs.

2TB HD: Do we need 1 for photos and 1 for video for a total of 2? Or just 1 HD all together?

Just one HDD for both Photo and Video.

What is the difference between the Product Delivery Clause 4-12 weeks vs Editing Process/Online Gallery of 2-6 months?

The product delivery clause of 4-12 weeks refers to the delivery of your final edited photo and edited video (highlights and documentary videos), which are the digital files. This means that after your wedding, it may take us anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete the editing and processing of your photos and videos and deliver them to you through our online gallery (https://gallery.covenantpictures.com/) or through dropbox.

This includes selecting and editing the best shots, color correction, cropping, and any other necessary adjustments to ensure that the final digital product is of the highest quality.

On the other hand, the 2-6 months delivery time refers to the time it may take us to complete the process of finalizing the design, approval process and printing the products that come with your packages.

Please note that while we strive to complete the editing and printing process as quickly as possible.

These are the list of questions that we have gleamed from our clients over the years.  If you have a question that you do not see above, feel free to contact us.  We are here to answer all your questions and to make the process easier for you.  I hope that this was helpful and we look forward to hearing from you! Congratulations on starting the wonderful journey into marriage!