411 – Engagement Session Info

For your engagement session date, we are free most weekdays.
Please give us 3 dates to choose from to confirm our availability.

We recommend starting the engagement session 2-3 hours before sunset time.
That’s what we normally call a “Golden Hours”.

Have you selected a location yet? If you haven’t, I put together a list of recommendations for you to choose from. Please see them here:

Engagement sessions info and recommendations

I wanted you to have these key tips for choosing outfits for engagements cause they make a huge difference in photos.

Please have at least 2 outfits. 3 would be best. It’ll create different looks even though we only took pictures in one location.

Semi-formal (evening date night looks) to formal looks (like you are attending someone’s wedding as a guest).
I recommend using heels or flats. Please don’t wear sandals or wedges. But if you prefer to wear sandals or wedges, go ahead and use them.

DON’T wear plaid, or clothing with lots of tiny patterns. Plaid doesn’t look good on a camera and small patterns can cause moire (weird, unintentional lines).

Most couples have a dressier outfit change and a casual, relaxed outfit change. Don’t forget to bring accessories for both.

If you coordinate your wedding colors into your outfits then your prints will match at the wedding. Your save-the-date invitations will also match your colors and theme.

If you want a romantic look then wear something long and flowy.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear something unique to you. This is your shoot after all. The shoot is about you and your lover so wear whatever you feel confident in.

For the bride-to-be, I recommend wearing a bright color, neutral tone, earth tone, and/or light pastel tone for the outfits.
I am not a fan of striped dresses because they distract the images too much.
Please see Bride-To-Be’s Engagement Session Outfit Ideas here: https://pin.it/1nHEQeV

For the groom-to-be, I recommend wearing a neutral tone, earth-tone, or light pastel tone for the outfits.
Please see Groom-To-Be’s Engagement Session Outfit Ideas here: https://pin.it/4XdO8Pv